How much do i torque the exhaust

HOw much do i torque the header to the motor

15 ft lb

thanks, i didnt realize it would all be in the back of the manual.

yup, its all there :naughty:

Be careful, especially if you are installing an aftermarket pipe. Many of us with the dr. D setup have bent the flange unintentionally.

the fmf flange's will warp if you aren't very careful as well, i am sure it is the same with all pipes

HOw much do i torque the header to the motor

the header pipe does not get bolted at all to any "motor".....

we all know it is an ENGINE !!!!

motors are electrically driven........

Where are you guys buying your shop manuals?


shifter. its just the one they gave me one i bought it. big red book. page 140 i tihnk

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