Maier black plastics phots

Sorry for the dealy. Didnt have a digital camera for a while. Some you PMed me to show the black plastics. I have shots to view below. Overall grade: B-. Extra credit though for being the only game in town.

Pros: only game in town, nice look.

Cons: finish lasts about a day, pricey, I had fit issues (see below in one of the shots where I added a red line on the shorad panel to show how far mine was off and where it should have lined up).

Still like the black bike. Left it half red and half black for about a week ;^)

Pretty nice gunslinger! Looks like you've been having lots of fun in your garage..


Sometimes fun, sometimes cursing :naughty: Nothing ever goes easy for me, but getting the hang of it slowly :naughty: Thanks for the support.

Nice bike :naughty::naughty:

It looks so new and shiny. The black really makes the aluminum look bright.

Good job gunslinger..

Nice bike :naughty::naughty:

It looks so new and shiny. The black really makes the aluminum look bright.

And makes the fork boots look dirty! :D At least we know you been riding her too! :D

Fixes the link. The wonders of a digital camera. She's dirty, just cant tell in the shot. Plastics dust covered, engine case has Gerogia red clay stain I cant seem to get off, back rim filthy in dried dirt, .....I gave up trying to clean it. :naughty:

Oh man... not good!

You may want to contact Maier about that.


Looks good. One thing I noticed. Brake lines run on the inside of the fork tube, not on the outside. A fall or tree branch could cut your brake line.

Stylin tho! :naughty:

Wow.. good eye 250Thumper! That could be ugly! :naughty:

Wow. 250Thumper. Thanks for the brake line info. Could I send you a full esolution large poster of my bike and have you pinpoint the toher mistakes? :naughty: I am new to mechanics - wonder what else I put on wrong. I have had some extra pieces here and there (mainly little metal collars and such). :naughty:

gunslinger, if you're that new to wrenching on your bike, a good suggestion for you would be to take lots of photos from different angles of the area you are working on. Heck, you may just want to walk around the bike, take lots of pics, close-ups, at every conceivable angle(top, bottome, sides, front, rear, 45°'s, etc) you can think of. It's your bike, you'll probably have it for awhile, and you would be thrilled to go to your CRF230 scrapbook for easy photo for future reference.



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