CFC Case Guard Adhesive?

The CFC case guard installation instructions call for Permatex 16B silicone adhesive.

I have a tube of Permatex 17BR black silicone. It's 450 degree heat resistant, gasket maker. Will this stuff work just as well?

Thanks in advance.

Yes I had to use it myself. It will work along with a lot of silacone sealers. Just that what they reccomend works the best. Mine have been through nothing but rocks since I got it and they are still doing the job. prairiedawg :naughty:



I used 16B and it didn't totally cure even after a week, something going on here for people in dry places.

Is it possible the tube of Permatex you used was past it's shelf life? They don't date the stuff, but once it gets old, even while sealed inside the tube, silicone can lose some of it's curing characteristics.

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