Help 04 CRF 250 jetting?

I have 04 CRF 250 with FMF factory 4 , moose air filter, 170 main jet and the bike has a terrible bog. It also has an 05 head, piston , cam and black box. Ordered the boyesen pump but it is not in yet. I just sold my 02 YZF250 and loved it. Never turned one bolt on it. Please someone help me with my jetting so I can get to liking this bike the way I liked my Yamaha. I live in Tennessee and ride my bike both in tight woods and on a mx/sx style track in Huntsville, Alabama. I would rather have it tuned for the woods than the track. Easier for me to ride a woods bike on the track than to ride a track bike in the woods if you know what I mean. I like to ride my bike in 3rd gear and just burn the clutch out of the curves. Someone please help me with the jetting I am confused. The guy I bought the bike from give me a jet kit with it but the jets look totally diferent from the jet in the bike. The jet in the bike I am assuming is a kehin jet and the jets in the kit are mikuni. The jet in the bike takes a 6mm socket and the jets in the kit take a straight screwdriver and are about a 1/4" shorter than the one in the bike. PLease help me.

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