UniBiker Rad Guards

I just installed them and my shrouds don't lay flush on the top lip where they scoop the most air, anybody know what I'm tryin to say? there is a spot on the shroud that aligns with stock plastic louvers so the air transitions from shroud to louver to radiator smoothly, B4 I email unibiker I thought someone might have the fix, TY in advance for your help.

I hope it is an easy fix for you. I just got mine in the mail today and will attempt the install on Sat.

Not sure if I follow you... but I installed mine without too much trouble. I also took some pictures. The first time I installed the rear guard in the wrong hole--that would cause problems... check out this pic--keep in mind I drilled my guard to install an hour meter. http://rap.midco.net/thall72/CRF450X/2005450X72.jpg It allows you to see both holes in the frame bracket. The guards bolt up to the rear hole, not the forward one (the one I have my hour meter bolted to). There is a similar brace on the other side, used for a cable bracket. (I also drilled a hole in that side for the cable bracket bolt--I think Unabiker wants you to remove the bolt to clear the guard).

The other change I made was the addition of a washer to equalize the spacing between the upper & lower (vs. the center) bolts.

Pic: http://rap.midco.net/thall72/CRF450X/2005450X55.jpg

Lastly, I had to drill out this hole on my guard to allow the cable brace to fit in the forward left side guard: http://rap.midco.net/thall72/CRF450X/2005450X50.jpg

Final product: http://rap.midco.net/thall72/CRF450X/2005450X68.jpg

Let me know if this helps!


Hey guys,

If you have anything other than a smooth time putting on my guards, please drop me an email. If things aren't right, I want to know about it ASAP so that I can take care of it.

My email is Unabiker@gmail.com.

I don't get to check TT as often as I like, but I check email constantly. :naughty:

I had to use a good bit of pressure to get the lower bolt to go through the plastic shroud and guard.

I had to do a lot of drilling and cutting to get mine to fit. Unabiker said he is changing the directions so there may be some differences with the install now.

Whiteman, don't worry, I'll be there to help you with yours.

there is a spot on the shroud that aligns with stock plastic louvers so the air transitions from shroud to louver to radiator smoothly

Since the Unabikers act as the front louvers, you lose the "air transition" of the stock piece. I have found this to be NO problem, even in slow tight woods. The Unabiker has nice big slots in the front guards, and appear to let in more air than other (aftermarket) guards to begin with.

I didn't have to drill or grind anything to get mine to fit. The fit was tight, and kinda a pain in the azz, but the guards RULE. Very strong well made product I think.

Mine fit great the only problem I had was with the smog pump on the CA model. I had to relocate the mounting point because the bolt head would not let the guards mount up flush in the right side of the frame

Put mine on today. What a fight... I won this one. A couple things that would make them go on better. First is on the left side my lower frame mount hole was fine but the top one was set up to relocate the space. If the hole would fit the space the guards would fit better. With the space relocated to the inside of the guard it makes them mount a little off. I drilled out the hole to put the spacer between the guard and the frame and it was a much better fit. Second was the third bolt down on the side where the plastic gets conected seems off. I had to drill that out a little too. I didn't like the way you had to leave off a stock bolt that held wires together under the rear of the support bracket but it looks like to do it any other way would make the weak... The right side went on much easier. The only thing with the right side is the plastic doesn't line up right and I had to do a lot of pushing and adjusting to get it on. I was also missing two bolts from the kit but still made it work with extra bolts in my buddies shop. Now that they are on they seem very strong and look very good. If unibiker would have taken a lttle more time with making them fit better I would give them an A+ but they were very hard getting on So the just get a B. As far as looks and protection go they seem top notch....

Mine on my 450R went on without a hitch,Brian builds a good product no complaints here.

OK unibiker here goes, The guards look great and were easy enough to install my problems are #1 the guards don't fit flush with the slot in the shrouds one is worse than the other.#2 my upper pinch bolt is hitting the guard on the left side, I noticed the gnarly scratch it made while washing it today. If they are designed not to touch the plastic at the top of the shroud no worries but what's up with my bike not steering all the way left and hitting the guard. could I have done something wrong? they mounted right up only had a tough time where you said I would. bone none of your pics are head on so I cant tell if your shrouds lay flush, someone else mentioned you lose the transition so you Know what I was trying to say. and The X is a totally diff bike than the R as im finding out, manfunnel for r won't work,stomp grip for R wont work. anyone else have the pinchbolt hitting?

anyone else have the pinchbolt hitting?

Yes, mine hits on both sides. The left isn't very bad, but the right was contacting enough to make it stick a little at full lock. I hit up the guard with a file and that kinda helped.

THNX AUTO I think I will take the mallet to it later tonight. I emailed UNIBIKER lastnight so he is aware of the prob,btw mine is sticking too because it hits right in one of the slots.

still no word from unibiker here or in my private email. guess he is busy fixing his guards so the pinchbolts don't hit.

I have the same problem with the pinch bolt hitting the guard and kind of sticking. I ended up taking them off until I decide what I am going to do. They are burly guards and if they fit right I would never have to worry about the rads. getting damaged but the pinch bolt issue had me worried enough to put them on the shelf.

Hey guys,

Things to try to gain some clearence:

Loosen up the rad to frame mounting bolts and make sure the guard is shoved back as far as it will go, then tighten the bolts back up. There is a little bit of clearance in the mounting holes in the guard that you can use to your advantage. You could also open those hole up a bit with a rat-tail file or a slightly larger drill bit.

If none of that works, drop me an email and I'll take care of you.


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