Triple Clamp?

I just bought new Pro Taper bars w/ universal mounts and JUST realized they don't fit my 2004 yz450f because the triple clamp isn't compatible. Which triple clamp does everyone recommend?


I just bought a Vortex triple clamp and I like it alot. I have used the Pro Taper's clamp in the past and it was also really good. My advise, buy whatever is cheapest.

bigroj, universal mounts should work with your clamp, you probably just got the ones for rubber mounted clamps. There are tons of places you can get them from around $35 to $60 depending on brand.

If you are going to buy a complete triple clamp go with , but like Cowboy said the universal clamps should work.

will Pro Tapers work with an Applied Racing triple clamp (currently std diameter risers with Renthals) if I get different risers? I'm assuming this is possible... :naughty:

Yes, they will.

just get the 1 1/8 bar mounts for the applied clamp and your set .

Why don't they work? Are they for the wrong size of forks?

I bought a used '01 426 with Applied triple clamp & std diameter Renthals. Assuming the day will come when the bars get tweaked, I have some ProTapers that aren't being used, so I'd need to get new oversize risers, or just the adapters that fit the std diameter riser (which raise the bars about 3/4"...not a bad thing since I'm 6'1")

Shuffler, you should be able to get all new risers from Applied that have additional rise built in. On my bike with a stock upper triple, I just used the universal adapters, much cheaper than a whole new clamp. Get rid of the Renthals before they bend and get those PT's installed, you won't be sorry!

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