05 vs 02,03,04 trailriding

This post is not for you motocross guys. I have read enough about how much better the 05 is than even the modefied earlier models for motocross and I believe you. However, I ride only trails and desert. I have the 02 with the storm link, JD kit, powernow, suspension revalve,Clarke 3.5, Trailtech sidestand. I am going to add the stage 1 hotcam, Rekluse clutch,20mm clamps and a stabilizer with Flexxbars. Should I proceed with the upgrades to the 02 or get the 05.

05,05,05,05,05,05,05,05,05,05...... :naughty:

I ride mostly off-road and had an '02, '04, and now an '05 450R and 450X. I thought the '04 was much better than the '02. I liked the power delivery better and the suspension was much better stock. The '05 power delivery is a little much (too snappy) when you get tired in a hare scramble, but the handling is excellent and better than any previous CRF. The '05 suspension feels the same as my '04. I am a upper-mid class A rider in the woods and did nothing to any of them other than adding flywheel weight, guards, and turning the clickers. I ride in the TN, AL, KY, and MS areas.

Noticeable differences:

'02 to '04 - better suspension, better power delivery, easier starting

'04 to '05 - better handling, lighter feel, motor is a bit strong sometimes

The '05 is the best CRF450R yet. But I must ask, why not consider the 450X? It's a better off-road bike in most conditions.

:naughty: The X is quite a bit heaver due to battery and electric starter it has a smog pump it's tuned diffrent and the stock exhaust is very restricted and some what heaver, I looked at it when I got my 05 450R but it's still a top notch bike.

According to the book 218LBS dry on 450R and 255LBS dry on the 450X.

Take Care

Bill G

It is a issue of the cost benefit analysis. My 02 is paid for. A new bike will cost $7k and I will still want a auto clutch, flexxbars,large tank and handguards which adds upto about another $1500.00. If I sold my bike I could probably get $3500. Which means I would need another $5500 for the new or spend another $2500 on my 02 and have a bike that is very close to a new one.

By all means get a steering damper. Both 05 and 02 are better with one especially 4th gear & up speeds. I consider a damper peice a of safety gear. Its saved my bacon more than once.

The Reluse fits both bikes but for some reason I stall the 05 way less on the track than I did the 02 back when it was new and still had a manual clutch. I still stall the 05 puttin in the pits about as often as the 02 before rekluse.

Get your 02's head ported by RHC ($200) and pipe it and it will pull a stock 05 no problem. And it will have a less agressive bottom end hit. Keep the 02 cam. Its a better desert cam. For trail & dez a mid to up powerband is good. A big hitting bottom end is only good in high traction situations.

If the storm link height bothers you cut the sub frame 10mm or so.

If money is an issue at all keep the 02. I've go both because the opportunity presented itself and when given the green light to get a new bike, never ever say no.

Some say the 05 is way better. But I think its a little better, when racing I still place about the same on both bikes. Its still 90%rider 10% bike after all. Things like dampers & autoclutchs that mask or eliminate rider errors can make a big difference.

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