Chest Protectors

Im looking for a chest protector that will fit under my jersey. I dont want a chinsy foam one but a plastic one that is going to pretect me. Do you guys have any experiences with them or anything. I dont want to copp out on pretection but i also want it it under my jersey. I know the thor scattershield would have been a great choice but i need some info. Thanks people. laters

i also am looking for one i heard the thor scattershield was awesome!!

If you really want good under-jersey protection, check out the RockGardn Flak Jacket or SixSixOne Pressure Suit. Either one will give you much more protection than just a chest protector. Even though they look like they'd be cumbersome, they aren't. After a few minutes of riding with them the very first time, you won't even notice they're on. They are a little bit warmer than just a chest protector, but once you're moving you will stay's just when you stop on a hot day with no breeze that you start digging for that zipper!

I chose the RockGardn just from recommendations on TT, but others are just as happy with the SixSixOne. I can't speak for the 661, but the RG sizing is on the small side, so go up to the next size above what you would normally wear.



why, is it a secret desire to look like Herman Munster?

why, is it a secret desire to look like Herman Munster?

No, it's a desire to stay out of the hospital. Also, I'm a bit older than most on here (59) and know that I break easier and heal slower. Yeah, you do look a bit like RoboCop, but shortly after I got mine, I highsided down a steep rocky hill. Bounced down through the rocks and weeds about 75 feet before I could stop and only had one bruise and it was in an area that wasn't covered by the Flak Jacket. Sure does make a lot of painful-sounding noises as you bounce through rocks though....but it works! :naughty:



i wear a UFO downhill MTB pressure suit (bugskin) under my jersey with a long sleeved polypropylene thermal underneath to stop it chafing and to keep me warm once I'm drenched in sweat.

1. spinal protection

2. kidney belt

3. good roost and impact protection

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