Post tire install brake question: noise or silent?

Put a new dinlop 756 on. When I reinstalled the wheel and the calipers I noticed that the caliper were a liitle tricky to put back - trying to get the front disk in between the brake pads.

Anyway, once all reinstalled I got the front wheel off the ground and gave it a spin. I could here the pads rubbing against the disk. Nothing horrendous, I could just hear them being in contact. Should I hear silence when I spin the front tire (like brakes on a regualr bicycle that sit off the rim a slight amount), or is the contact normal? :naughty:

Contact is normal. Just make sure the pads are in flat against the brake wall.

yea.. mine did the same thing last night after i put my front tire on. somebody squeezed the brake and messed up the whole contraption.. it took a while to get the disk inbetween the pads. then after i got everything back together i went flyin down my driveway, grabbed the frontbrake and nothin.. :naughty: almost went sailin through the garage on the return trip :naughty: .. i had to pump the brake a lot to get pressure back. they were fine today but im gonna bleed them sunday because theyre kind of squishy

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