Don't know what else to check &*$%#^@

1986 XL600R....The bike is shutting down for no appearent reason ....It will die at idle at 60 mph, when accellerating or decelerating....There is no particular time....Sometimes it shuts down for a slit second then comes back on sometimes 5-10-20 secs and then comes back on or starts right up....

I have check all of the electrical connection, fuel tank, petcock filter, check for water in the gas....Don't know where to go from here......HELP!!!!!

Start it up and wiggle the wires on the black box (CDI) tap on it see if the engines misses or cuts out, same with wires and connectors, switches.

I'll try that captb....

If anyone knows who the mechanic wizard of the forum is please let me know....There seems to be a guru in every bunch....I just need to find him...

Definetly sounds electrical, A short or :naughty:

Time to get some specs, a voltohm meter and do some testing...

I always suggest checking the coil ... only because once when I was stumped with another bike, it turned out to be a coil that worked fine for the most part, but sometimes would get hot, and have an intermittent short inside the coil .. actually found out by heating the coil with a blowdryer .. then the short appeared ..

I had this same exact problem on my '95 650L.. Just not as frequent as yours.

The first time it occurred was in September of '96 (4 months after I bought the bike new). Didn't find the problem.. The second time was over three years later. Didn't find the problem.. About two years ago it happened again; then again the next day, then the next week.. Then the bike would not run at all.

Always the same symptom: Bike just died.. It didn't matter the speed, throttle position, the weather conditions.. It would just die. I'd pull the sparkplug: No Spark... Checked all connections.. They were all good.. Then out of the blue, the bike would start just fine and run as perfect as the day I got it.

The culprit was finally found when it failed permanently: After a few hours of troubleshooting, I found that the CDI box in the battery case was bad.. It was probably bad the day I bought the bike. Once I replaced that box, the bike came to life - instantly started. The symptom has not reoccurred.

What pissed me off the most was that the problem was intermittent!

It is helpful to have another working 650L to swap parts and troubleshoot with.

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