Don't know what else to check &*$%#^@

1986 XL600R....The bike is shutting down for no appearent reason ....It will die at idle at 60 mph, when accellerating or decelerating....There is no particular time....Sometimes it shuts down for a slit second then comes back on sometimes 5-10-20 secs and then comes back on or starts right up....

I have check all of the electrical connection, fuel tank, petcock filter, check for water in the gas....Don't know where to go from here......HELP!!!!!


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86 XL600R

You don't need a mechanic. You need an exorcist... :naughty:

Try cleaning out the carb, disassemble it and blow clean with compressed air. May help.

Try cleaning the carb and then putting a fuel filter on it. Sounds like needle jet is getting clogged and letting the float bowl run dry.



I am guessing tank rust. On my '86 XL600R the culprit for those exact symptoms was the fuel petcock. I know you took it apart already, but mine had a big piece of tank rust that had gotten up into the outlet and would block the flow when it turned just right. So I would check it again and all the way downstream to the needle as suggested. I also found the pilot jet completely clogged with rust on mine. I think it is just about sorted out as of last night. And it is about time to call Clarke for a rust free tank. Those carbs are too hard to take out every few days.

Check and change the spark plug boot. When you remove it, make sure that you cut back a 1/4 inch, and expose new wire before you install the new boot. Sometimes, there is only one or two wires left intact, to make contact inside the plug boot.

Thanks for the replys fellas...Turns out that it was running too rich and loading up the plug....Made an adjustment to the lever that opens the secondary carb and leaned it out....Doing fine now.....

Might want to check the float valves. One of the mechanics over at Glendale Honda told me the float needles are a weak link for these carbs. My 87 was pissing gas like crazy and running really rich when I first got it. A couple of new float needles solved the problem.

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