honestly just please help

OK, this is redonkulous. I have the 05 crf250r. Lost the manual someone must have ate it or something but it dissapeared in my house an I'm mad. So please please help me. I tried to do a motor oil change the other day and unscrewed the weep hole, drained out only a little oil, like 1/2 a quart or something was really not that much. I know there had to be more like in my yzf. Anyways, I had to tip the bike on its side to get the most oil I could out, otherwise it would just leak out of the hole. I ended up unscrewing the 2" hex screw right near the weep hole also to get some more out. So I measured the stuff I took out, wasnt much, then filled up as much as I put in. My question is there an online oil change page or a manual I can download. My yzf was so much easier, unscrew the big bolt an it would shoot out till none was left. This is a joke on the crf. Please someone help me I feel like a moron an need to change my oil.

Ok buddy listen up. Thats your transmission not your motor oil. Now the drain bolt is behind your shifter. Its a 12mm bolt. Now warm the bike up and undo that bolt. It will all drain out. then put in 720mls of your oil and presto your done. To do motor oil its on the bottom of the engine, warm up, undo bolt, drain. And then u obviosuly change your filter as well. And then put in the reccomended amount. I beleive its around 660ml then warm the bike up and check on the dipstick. any more questions?

Ya because the shifterdrain bolt says right on it "transmissoin fluid drain bolt" How can that be motor oil. Your telling me I drained my transmission oil? I drained the screw on the right side of the engine, and filled up the hole on the right side of the engine, that should all be engine oil?? This makes no F in sence.

This makes no F in sence.
Time for one guggieman to get himself another a factory manual! :naughty:


ok, transmission drain bolt is next to shifter. To fill it up it is on the right side of the bike (there is no dipstick for tranny). TO drain the engine oil its on the bottom, ull be able to tell which it is, there is a little gaurd on it. To fill the engine oil it is on the LEFT side of the bike.

I see. Thank God I overfilled the tranny an not the engine oil! But I put engine oil in the trans fluid, what will happen? 40w 30? I rode it today for about 2 hrs seemed to run just like it used to. Ok so what was the weep screw I let the oil out of then motor or trans? Wow That sux.

there is no weep hole for the motor oil u meatstick. Man u need to learn to maintain your bikes. No offense to you but it makes fin sense. Go get yourself a manual before you mess up your ride. the weep hole is to see if ur tranny oil is right.

This is a joke, right?

OH &%$#@!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN RIDE THE DAM THINGS BUT I DONT KNOW JACK ABOUT THEM THIS STUFF PISSES ME OFF. SO YOUR TELLING ME BASICALLY I DRAINED SOME OF THE TRANNY OIL AN PUT IN REGULAR MOTOR OIL. AND DIDDN'T TOUCH MY MOTOR OIL? WHER THE F DID MY MANUAL GO!!! Sorry for getting mad but the with all the things going on in my life the last thing I need is for my bike to break. I've been riding with one of the fastest kids in new england for the last 6 days. Now my bikes going to break because some moron in my house threw the manual out. Thanks for your help btw. What do you think I should do.

That weep hole (screw w/copper washer on right side and accepts philips head screwdriver) is the trans oil level check hole. Make sure the bike is warmed up (3 min idle time), put it on a level stand, and remove the screw and let the oil drain out. When it stops dripping you have the right level. If it doesn't drip out, add some trans oil a little at a time till it does.

alright thanks. Do you think I should drain it completely because I put the 40w motor oil in it, or will it be ok w/ it in.

When life sucks take your TT friend's advice and get your bike goin' right. Then git out and

ride the piss out of it and forget your worries for a few hours at a time!


Well I need some advice on what to do!!!

In my opinion I think the best thing for you to do is to drain the Trans fluid completely and refill it with the proper oil....they make seperate oils for a reason.

Honda recommends 10w-30, 10w-40, 20w-40, or 20w-50 oil depending on what temps you're riding at.

If ya need more info I sent ya a p/m...

You should just drain the engine AND the tranny oil. The tranny oil drain bolt is right behind the shifer on the LEFT side of the bike. The engine oil drain bolt is on the BOTTOM of the bike. Once the tranny has been drained, put the bolt back in and add 750cc of 10W-40 (NON ENERGY CONSERVING) into the transmission fill cap on the RIGHT side of the bike. You can put 700 - 750 cc of 10W-40 into your engine as well. This is the cap on the LEFT side of the bike.

You really need a manual.

"What do you think I should do"

There's only one answer, really. Bust out $50, run down to your local Honda shop, and buy a service manual before you touch anything else. And stop by Sears on your way home and pick up a good torque wrench. :naughty:

Well thanks guys. Some of you that pmed me really helped me out plus the feedback on the posts. I went down to my dealer today an did what I do best. "Ya I need a manual for the bike you sold me" "Are you sure it should have been w/ all the paperwork" "What the hell am I going to do w/ two manuals!" "your right I'm sorry I'll get you one" So its going to take like a couple weeks though which is lame. I'm sponsored by that shop so it wasn't really a biggie. I got the right trans fluid an the guy said that I could run 10 w 40 if I changed the oil everytime I rode. So I diddnt hurt the bike at all. That will be the day I spend 60$ on a book. lmao.

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