weight question

Okay after all the weight questions on the DRZ I have been curious, the Suzuki site quotes the E at 262 and the S at almost 290, what gives? The tail section and carbon can cannot weigh that much, and I know the fan and horn are not that heavy, so where is the difference? Is the light on the S that much heavier?

buddy pegs, larger subframe, headlight assy, speedo, monster tail light, it all adds up. I can't remember if the E has a toolkit bolted to the rear fender. If so, that is more weight.

I think the kicker is 249 lbs - now you're talking. :naughty:

249 is about a good weight for a 400!!!!

the battery, starter, headlight is where i'm guessing.

i weighed all the items i took off recently on a calibrated digital scale.

it only totals a liitle more than 11 lbs.

chain guard:.493

t/s extansions(4 ea.):.732

front reflector:.386

sprocket guard(plastic only):.151


helmet lock:.366


peg inserts:.197

seat strap:.187

bar end weights:.984

exhaust heat shield:.300

metal licence plate bracket:.202

side stand switch:.167

clutch switch:.042



airbox snorkle:.132

portion of rr.fender ext.:.218

metal fork boot clamps:.047

skid plate & plastic covers:.908(replaced w/heavier item)

rad.guards:.419(replaced w/heavier item)

oe shift lever:.298(ditto)

i hope i lost weight w/the muzzy to make up for the weight i added.

The stock lighting is heavy. I replaced all the stock lighting with a E headlight and LED tail light. Got rid of the left control switch, blinkers, mirrors, horn, fan, tool kit, reflectors, kick stand switch, foot pegs, foot peg brackets, and bar weights. I'm sure it's much lighter but it is still heavier than any dirt bike that I've ever owned and lighter than any street bike I've owned. I would still like to put on an aftermarket exhaust, but I don't have the money at this time.

those bar end weights, and mirrors add alot of weight to the handle bars, I'm sure there's alot more things that add up too

the silencer is different too, it could be a bit heavier.

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