Need help on riding places

I am trying to plan a weekend ride for me and my buddies during the Red Bud National we would ride on Saturday and hit the race on Sunday on the way home (back to Illinois). Can any one tell me where would be a good place to go riding somewhat close to Red Bud. Mainly trails and maybe an mx track and a place to camp. Thanks in advance for any advice!!

check out cedar creek trail it has 3

loops 7 to 14 miles long. it is by freemont mi but I think it will be the closest trail to where you will be.

Thanks I will check them out

Id say your choices are

1. Cedar Creek trails in Twin Lake Michigan 2 loops that equal 23 miles. Quad width trail.

2. Holton Horseshoe trails roughly 6 loops equaling maybe 80 miles. Tight single track. Plates technically needed for 2 of the loops (but you can get away without it probably)

3. White Cloud trail. About 35 miles of really nice trail.

Then you have Big Air Motocross east of Freemont. Nice motocross track. I have rode ther for years.

Camping is a plenty around there. Heck if you are just gonna rough camp you can camp on any state land with a DNR permit. If you need help with a campground let us know I am sure we can find something for you once you figure out were you want to ride.

Hey I appreciate all the info. Have any of you been to the Red Bud National is it worth going to (dumb question). Any do's and dont's? Thanks again!!

Red Bud Nationals is an awsome experiance. I will be there this year as well.

We bring a kids wagon to haul all our stuff up the hill. we bring a cooler, chairs, munchies.....A wagon works great for that.

I think last year they wouldn't let us bring EZ-ups. That sucked. cause it was always hot there.

bring sun screen and lots of beverages. Have a great time.

And if possible park out back. They now have a rear entrance to the track and you can park in the field behind the track. I hear that is the hot ticket to getting in and out of there in good time.

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