lowering seat height

Has anyone shaved down the padding in the seat to lower seat height? My daughter has taken my 02 yz250f from me and an extra inch or two would help her out on starts and cornering. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I've shaved my seat on a 03 WR250F.

+approx 1 inch lower.

+"pointier" so I can move around better

+ easy to do and look like OEM

+A bit hard, forces me to stand up more :naughty:

-A bit hard, hurts my a$$ when I'm riding for hours. :naughty:

-A litte bit harder to get very far up on the tank due to a steeper curve.

I took an "angle cutter" (direct translation from swedish) (a cutter with a rotating disk at the end) and polished a way the surplus material. The I just stapeled the cover back. The saddel has worked fine for 1,5 years now.

You can oval out the bottom mounting holes in the subframe and lower the seat height a bit that way. I finally just took my girlfriend's '03 YZ250F to a suspension shop and had them lower the bike two inches and revalve it for her weight. It made a big difference it's like a whole new bike for her.

Thanks for the tips on cutting the pad down,I think I'll give it a try, and look at the sub frame mount too.

Before you do that, I suggest running more sag. I run about 110mm and I'm 5'6 with boots. Before I adjusted my sag, I was thinking of shaving my seat, but the sag saved me from it. It was a huge help.

I'll check that too! thanks

Raise the fork tubes as high as you can in the triple clamps (until you're almost touching the bars~3/4"). Then add the amount you lowered them to the sag. If you want to have a comfortable seat, get a guts soft seat and trim it. It's probably better to only go 3/4" on the trim job. I did that to my WR and it seems like any more would make it too hard. You can practice your trim job on the stock foam, then when you get experience and dial the height in, get the soft foam and do it.

Use an electric knife to trim the seat to about 1/8 of finished height. Then shape it with a rounded "sureform" cheese grater type woodworking/body working tool. Finish with super coarse sandpaper. It worked great for me.

My friend drilled a new hole in his subframe mount. He just drilled it above the other hole and there was room to leave the original hole in place. It dropped the seat. I have 2 other friends that had suspension co's lower YZF's. One is lowered an inch, the other 1/2 inch.

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