WARNING!! Buttercup/Gordens etc...

It has been brought to my attention via a friend that there has been on more than on occasion armed robberries/vehicle jackings in these areas. According to my friend (and trusty UPS man) the the Border Patrol informed him of this during his last visit to Buttercup. Apparently, a group of (according to the Border Patrol) "banditos" began ramming a toy hauler with their vehicle. When the owner of the toy hauler exited the trailer to find out what the hell was up, they stuck a gun to his head and stole several vehicles (trucks) from the campsite purported for use in trafficking illegals. As the scumbags left they fired shots into one of the toy haulers.

This happened to a group of roughly 20 campers according to the B.P., and was not the first of such incidents. Yet the latest technique in the illegal immigration debacle.

Load your weapons gentlemen. HMMMM. Makes me think about the ole Claymore mine action style. Yeah, that's the ticket. :naughty:


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