I don't know if I like my new Jimmy Button bars

Hopefully, it's just getting used to something new. My first ride (on the street), the front end felt very overly sensitive to input, especially at speeds from 20 mph on down. A couple of times I thought I had a low front tire :naughty: . I came back kind of freaked out. :naughty: I leaned the bars back to where if you look straight down on the clamps, the bars are right in the middle. I took it out for another spin and it did seem better. I guess, I'll just ride it and see if I get used to them. I put them on becuase I'm tall (6'4") and I thought the higher bars would help. I never thought about the steering mechanics. Am I worrying too much about them?

I don't think you're worrying too much about them, but maybe you still need time to get used to them??? Bar bends and styles are kind of personal and what works best for some people doesn't always work best for others. The Jimmy Button's have been kind of popular for taller riders from what I've read, especially with bar risers which further adds to the height. The higher your bars, the lower your elbows sit in relation to your wrists, which is worse for your riding mechanics while sitting down and cornering. Too low of bars keeps you hunched over too much while standing. Finding the right combo can be difficult and it's sometimes a compromise for taller guys. If you need the taller bars for standing and they feel too tall for sitting, then consider a taller seat. I went with the Guts Racing tall soft seat foam and cover which helps my body mechanics a bit and it's also more comfy for longer rides. I also use an aftermarket triple clamp that raises my bars up a bit more and pushes them out a bit further for more cockpit room.

I've heard that the CRF600X will come stock with Jimmy Button bend bars. :naughty:

This will contribute to the bike having a much larger cockpit area. Which is necessary with a bike that is lighter and has MUCH more power than the Husky 510.


Were your old bars cut down for tight trails? Mine are, and when I ride someone else's bike with uncut bars, I get the same feeling.


Were your old bars cut down for tight trails? Mine are, and when I ride someone else's bike with uncut bars, I get the same feeling.


No, just the old stockers. BTW the bike is a 2001 XR650R. Overall, I would say the length of the new bars are comparable to the stockers. The new bars are maybe an inch higher. I have some side by side pics of the old and new I'll post up tonight.

I put CR high's and applied top clamp on my '01. The clamp was better because it moved the bars forward leaving you more room in the cockpit as gadsan said. I thought the front end felt lighter but once I got used to it I had no problems. Good luck

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