Not as many valve posts lately

:naughty: I'm happy to see that the valve talk has somewhat died down.I know its a big issue with are little red Buddy's but geezz ,for a while there this was pretty much the "CRF250VALVEBOARD"

When I first joined this board (when I got my 05)I thought my bike was going to die just looking at it! I have to admit it scared the s**t out of me.

Ive come to realize as most of you have, if you have some mechanical aptitude and ability,and use some of the great how to stuff on this board,along with religious maintenance,ther is a 99 percent chance you will be just fine.

My 05 R is the best bike Ive ever had bar none. Ive owned nothing but CR's and CRF's since I was 8 years old(14 of em) and love this Honda brand like its a family member.Ive always had the confidence that Ive had the most well built brand on the track, and Ive watched other peoples blue,yellow,and green bikes deteriorate while my Honda still looked and performed like new.

Its to bad that people are so scared of this valve issue that they are actually considering not buying a CRF because of it.I get the question all the time "Is it worth putting up with all that maintenance? Is it that good? In two words: "HELL YES!"

Ok I'm done rambling,just remember- Check check shim replace! Check shim replace! :naughty: I think I will keep my microdust infested Honda,thank you.

i 2nd that

Screamin Dog... I am still breaking in my X with the big bore kit on it. It is waking up and does it kick ass. Blue... Nah. I love my red rocket.

Honda has done it! They have convinced us that replacing valves every 1000 miles is normal maintenance. What next a dead cow! The CRF250X is the best handling and funniest bike I’ve owned and I’m keeping it even though the valves are garbage; just installed my 4th set. The last four times I went to the local bike shop there where CRF’s getting new valves. The idea, if they only new how to maintain their bike or the micro dust and the best one, it’s an F-1 style high tec racing motor it need lots of maintenance (which is true). The valves are garbage and the reason you don’t hear as much about this issue is because it has become NORMAL to replace valves every other month.

OMG..someone that understands. :naughty: Part of the "maintanace" on this engine is REGULAR valve replacement....the interval will depend on a number of factor but rest assured if you ride much it will be sooner than later. It is way beyond me how and why people rationalize a 1000 mi engine and how great it is...personally I do not understand it...its only acceptable because of the performance of the bike and is the only reason I will TOLERATE it. It is total BS as technology is much more capable of greater engine longevity.I do not understand WHY it seems accepable.

well u just turned a happy thread and are being a downer. :naughty:

Sometimes it’s difficult to except truth when and issue is so close. I’m sorry you’re bummed out about the thread; if it will make you feel any better I have 30,000 miles on my CRF250X no problems no issues! I’m in a good mood (going ridding tomorrow) and the only thing that will make me sad :naughty: is the weather. Looking forward to installing my 5th set of intakes! Happy Trails. :naughty:

Im not saying that its right. Im just saying I dont give a sh*t. I will deal with it.

Its that good....

Hey, I will say a tad about the valve issue. Thanks to Duane Brown, I have been riding a CXR-250R 4-stroke,for about 5 years now. That is years before Honda came out w/theirs. Mine has been freshened up once just for the safety of time on the engine and it was still in great shape. Never had a single valve issue, in fact, the valves are only checked twice a year and have not been touched but twice. The bike turns out around the same HP as my 250X and weighs 208 w/a full tank of gas. I have another chassis that I am in the process of installing a modified CRF-230 engine into, that has well over 25hp and has kick and electric start, so I will have a CXR-230X to match my CXR-250. They are air cooled, turn around 11K rpm, make as much power where I ride, low and mid, and are air cooled w/tappet/rocker valve setups. I do love the 250X, but seldom ride it so as to keep the maintainence controlled until I decide whether to ride it more r sell it. If you figure the extra weight of the new bikes, compared to the light weight of my CXRs, the extra power is simply pissed away, lugging all the extra weight around which is a waste. The 250X has a tad over 600 miles w/no issues at all. Great bike. The aircooled, lightweights are much nicer bikes and having no rads or rad guards are easier to get through the tight stuff. I know these things I mentioned won't fit into everyones plan, but if you want reliable, no problem, ripping 4-stroke power that lasts for the long haul, you need to think about the bikes in my garage. I plan to look closely at installing my special built, aircooled engines into the new Rs and Xs as soon as I get a few bikes finished for clients that are waiting. My new,'05 honda 250 4-stroke trials bike has given me some insight into alternative design as they chose to use the old style tappet/rocker arm style valve setup and it is a 12Krpm engine itself. Yes, I realize it is for shorter blasts, but that is beside the point. I still believe that if you DO NOT stupidly over-enlarge the airbox opening, use good filters and proper maintainence, and run the bikes where the max power is made and not on the high side/rev limit, they will last. I am using the 200 bottoms for my 250, air-cooled engines and not the XR-250 for many reasons, mostly weight. They are bulletproof, and ultra-reliable. It is a great alternative for me and has allowed me to ride the "new thing" for many years and could be a solution for some of you guys if I can fit one in a new CRF-250 chassis. We shall see. I have done more difficult tasks. Clint

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