Any 2004 XR250R's left?

Anyone see new 2004's on the showroom floor anymore? If so, what's the best Out the Door price you have seen them going for recently? It was hard to limit my search to bring back pertinent results, so if there was already a thread on this recently, let me know.

I don't know about a 400, but I can tell you about a fantastic deal on an 2004 XR400 still on the showroom floor. They are asking $4500 I think. You should check out this website

It's in Texas, ENE of Houston about 1 & 1/2 hours.

there was one in nj as of a couple weeks ago that they were asking like 4200 or 4300 for.

Ive seen a couple in the Cycle Trader listed by dealers in So Cal (Riv Co) this last week I think they might have one at Chap in San Bernadino

Bought Mine In August 2004 $4200.

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