bought xr today - wount idle

just brought home my first xr650r today. its used but only be rode 6 times, its like new. it runs really strong but will not idle. any ideas?

do these have hot starts??

I'm not trying to be a wize-ass but did you try adjusting the idle? Give us some info on the bike, un-corked?? No hot starts on the BRP's.

like i said, just bought it-

yep, found the screw- that was it.

Enjoy and welcome to the clan. :naughty:

that was funny...welcome I am sure you will rebound from that one, someday !


Good thing we dont flame in here..he he

Enjoy your time here.. lots of good people and great info on BRP madness !!!

Live and learn.... :D

There's a lot to learn here... :naughty:

Enjoy that BRP :naughty:

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