03 YZ450 Number of Pins on Cam Chain Between Punch Marks

The subject says it all. Anyone know how many pins between the top punch marks on the cams? Thanks.

I've added two pics from each side of the head. The punch mark at 3 o'clock on the intake cam sprocket and the punch mark at 9 o'clock on the exhaust cam sprocket are level with the surface of the head, and there are 13 pins in between the 12 o'clock punch marks on the two cam sprockets. The orientation of the cam lobes is as shown in the second pic.

Is this right for a 03 YZ450F? Thanks.



Yeah good question...

Is there any easy way of putting the cam chain back on to the cams and making sure it isnt out by a tooth or two?


Very easy...just line up the marks as they are intended. :naughty:

Bumpity bump

I recently did a top-end on my '04...It was 13 pins between punch marks. From your picture, it looks right.

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