Hone or Bore?

I have about 1300 miles on my 650L, and am considering upgrading to a HotCam and higher compression piston. Would I need to bore the cylinder out to the next size, or should I be able to get by with just honing the cylinder? :naughty:

Thanks Guys!

Why not just go with the stage one HotCam and leave the piston alone? :naughty:

I have exactly 1333 miles on my 03 XR650L and I wouldnt dare bore or hone it yet, just install the cam. You only get a few bores from a cylinder case why waste one with only break in mileage? I sure wouldnt...cant imagine many people suggesting you do either, good luck and hope you get mad power increase from the cammy, let us know.

Have a shop that bores cylinders measure it before you buy the piston. They will tell you what size to buy and match the bore to the piston if necessary.

To answer that question honestly, You need to mic the piston and measure the cyl. with a dial bore gage to determine the clearance..And taper of the bore...

Get the OEM recommened min/max for clearance's and go from there....

If you were around here I would do it for free, And most mach. shop's should ..

I have an 2004 XRL with 2000 miles. Over the winter I installed a Weisco 10.25:1 piston and hot cams. Yes, if you install a piston you much hone in order for the rings to breakin properly. Honing does not remove much material, a couple thou at the most.


The cylinder will still be perfect in regard to round and taper so a light hone to be sure the rings seat will work. The clearance specs you want will come from the maker of the piston you install, not factory specs, as it isn't the factory piston and the expansion of the aftermarket piston could be slightly differant. Get a good machine shop to fit the piston and go for it. More power to you!!!

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