Is This A Good Deal??? Please Help Me

To answer your original question, I bought a 2000 for $5550 total last week. The price seems good to me.

In regard to your other post about removal of the throttle stop, don' worry about it. You can take it out and not worry. The bike has a really easy powerband without it.

i am 15 5/9 135pounds and an owner of a wr400. I can handle the bike just fine. i bought the wr for a bike that would last me a long time and has power. I have a super trap muffler and a w.r.d fly wheel on it and i am probally going to take the power stop out of it soon. I ride in southern california so i do all kinds of riding and it works good for all of it. Go with the wr because it will last a long time and you can always grow into it, i know your a kid my age and probally dont have the money to go and buy a bunch of diffrent bikes. My opinion is to go with the wr.


I just want to let you guys here know that I bought the bike! I LOVE IT! It has unbelieveble power. It's gonna take some gettin' used to but it will be fine. I just can't afford to by a bike every couple years and this will be great and just keep gettin better when i get older. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks for you help.

I am in Oregon (no sales tax) and have been looking at the 2001 wr426f. I see two posts here for out the door prices of about $5500. Would any of you be able to comment as to what a decent out the door price might be?

I currently have a 95 XT350 and it is gutless.


Since you are referring to the 426 it is generally gonna be more expensive than the 400 (at least a little). Also the fact that it is a new model would also affect the price. All that i know for sure is that the manufacturer's price is listed at $6199. Hope this helped a little. Also try asking someonw who has preordered the 426.

I just bought MY WR 400 TODAY AND I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bought my 2000 WR400 for $8550 in September in Australia. Seems as our dollar is nearing 50 cents US that makes it worth $4275 US. Considering that they are street legal in Australia (blinkers, horn, handguards and brake lights) maybe Australia is the lucky country. Farmers can even claim back a further $855 in GST.

I bought my 2000 WR 400 in September in Australia for $8550. Seems that our dollar is worth about 50cents U.S. that makes it about $4275 in U.S. Dollars. Considering that our WR's are street legal (blinkers, handgaurds and brakelights) maybe Australia is the lucky country.

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