Is YOT always this slow in delivery

I ordered $150 worth of parts from Yamaha of Troy a month ago, I have a called a few times and they said we will ship tomorrow, yet nothing has shown up.

Any one else experience this, is this normal for them or am I just the lucky one.

As much as I had to do it I could have gone down to the dealer and gotten everything I needed in a week.....................

Any one else know of a good Yamaha parts place? :naughty:

I've noticed a major decline in customer service at YOT over the past year. E-mails go unanswered, shipping times extended, failure to inform when a part is OOS or BO, online parts lists up to '03 only. After the last fiasco I looked for an alternative and found Xtreme Powersports. Shipping is so-so, but they give a 10% discount and have current parts lists online. has been pretty good for me. I have ordered from them several times. I quit using YOT 2 years ago because of the same thing.

I am truly impressed with Their site is impressive and it is easy to tell when your order will arrive.

I had the same experience with YOT. I ordered about a benjamin worth of stuff, and three weeks later, no joy. I called 'em, they said "tomorrow". Called around locally cuz I needed the parts for a ride that weekend and had no confidence in YOT, found what I needed, then called YOT to cancel my order with them. They said "can' shipped yesterday".

What a way do do business...they just won't be doing it with me any more.

I thought the online parts finder was cool, when you need bolts for new sprockets, brake rotors, some dealios on the front brake lever/clips etc. And how easy it was too look it up my self with out dealing with dealer and trying to explain what part I need.

Its just not getting the parts that stinks.

So I talked to YOT again today, and what do you know, my order is going out today. I asked when to expect it they said a few days from now. I am not holding my breath, as I would think an order could be filled and shipped in 36 days.........or not.

Final Results of trying to do business with Yamaha of Troy.

Order parts online March 7th.

Call approx. 3 weeks later, said shipping next day.

Call last week, said shipping next day.

Call today April 19th 1.5 months later. Customer service transfers me to parts, parts transfers me back to customer service,then back to parts again. Guy tells me customer service says order was never entered. I ask why did the c/s lady pull up my order on 2 other occasions, and including today.Had all my info. Guy told me he doesnt know how internet orders work and that he's sorry, said its easier to look up the parts online then call and order them. I would think giving someone a series of 12 digit numbers over the phone for 13 different items is a recipe for an error. Well I guess I wont try that again. YAMAHA OF TROY IS A JOKE.

:naughty::naughty::D:D:D:cry::D Maybe Phil's crack smoking has infected the whole business.

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