Uncoking my new bike?

I have trimed out my intake boot block and i am going to cut out my baffle so i will still have the spark arrestor and hopefully my bike is still fairly quiet. now i don't know how to open my air box and when this is all complete what jets should i put in? also i have already blocked off the soft deceleration valve in my carb. I am basiclly tring to uncork my bike and keep the niose level down so i can ride in thoughs touchy areas that i couldn't with my YZF426.

Also does anybody know anything about digital gauges honda sells for there xr's? I just bought one on E-bay and the guy said it was from the late 80's and honda sold them, it runs on three double A's and plugs into the speedo cable. fits and works perfect on my xr650r but i don't know how to use some of the functions as i have no manual. one thing is for sure it is WAAYYYYY nicer than the trail tech speedo i had on my yz!

Thanks in advance for any input on my questions


Look for an owners manual for an '85 XR600, 350 or 250 on ebay. That should have instructions on how to use your odo/speedo. Those are pretty nice, kind of a collectors item anymore.

www.xr650r.net Go to the link that says "making the xr650r run right(uncorking it)". It has pictures of what you need to remove and where to start at on the jetting.

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