delo 400 in my XR

i put the new formula delo 400 in my XR yesturday.

it works fine.

no clutch chatter or slippage or anything goofy.


New formula?

New formula?

they reformulated recently and added "moly" (not sure what that is) and moly in certain concentrations ruins clutch plates by causing slippage and excessive heat.

however, whatever they did to it had no ill effect on my clutch whatsoever.


Got it. I've been using the old delo in my bikes since I got a diesel a few years back. I buy it by the case and there is always a few gallons around so I started using it based on how good diesel oils are formulated. It's has been as good as anything I've ever used.

Update us if you run into any moly issues going forward, but I'll plan to just keep doing what I have been if not.

Thanks for the info--

Do a search in this forum for delo, there's a lot of good information.

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