Woodruff Key

This topic I see from searching has been talked about over and over. However I am trying to figure out how to tell if the upgrades have been done to the bike that have. I knew about the problems before I purchased my 03 but wanted it anyway. The person I bought it from was the second owner and did not know if these upgrades had been performed. I have not had any problems with the bike yet and have ridden it about 75 miles. Is there a way to tell without tearing it apart or even with it torn apart if the 04 starter conversion was done? or just the band aid fix that most Yamaha dealers used was done? I would like to check it out and fix it if necessary as I would hate to get stuck in the woods as I have read about others who have. Any help would be appreciated.


if a yamaha dealer did the "fix" he was supposed to have put a punch mark next to the serial number on the frame. if the '04 upgrade was done, the small round cover on the clutch side (two screws) will have a bulge. you can check out any '04 or "05 for what it will look like. the '03 cover was almost flat. if there are any doubts just remove the cover. the stock '03 part will just look like two gears on the same shaft. the '04 part is a much more complicated clutch type assembly.

Thanks I will check it out. Hopefully I will be able to tell.


Make sure you tighten the rotor nut to 70 ft lbs, factory wasn't tight enough.

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