?oil in yzf 450

just changed the oil and filter in 450 and forgot book at shop and was wondering how much oil to put in the lical shop said 1.1 quarts.Just seemed to much maybe wrong thanks also any substitute for red cap saw all the other threads but seemed to elaborate with zinc and all the other minerals change regurally.thanks again.

1.1 with a filter change is the correct amount.

thanks,any reccommended oil?

thanks,any reccommended oil?

You know it's funny on that one...

No one around here really has any opinion at all on that... Nope, no opinion at all.



Crap, he didn't ask that, did he? :iconforduckandcover:

It's 1.1 liters isn't it? Liters and US quarts are close but not quite the same.

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