Arrowhead ride on Sat!

Anyone up for a trail ride up in Silverwood/Arrowhead this Saturday? A few of us are gonna be there including Harold from So. Cal.. If you're up for it, let me know, I'll get you all the details. Thanx, Erik


So Cal Erik

Visit my club's site at <A HREF="

" TARGET=_blank>


hey eric.... still havent received that aluminum subframe.... you still interested in selling it? drop me a line at

thanks shane


Thanks for the invite. Let me know next time you go. Unfortunately I have a tennis tournament.

Otherwise I would be there.



I'm still going to Stonyford"God willing". I can't wait, it sounds like a GREAT time. I need specific directions there from the 5 fwy. and also what food and necessities to bring? (other than motorcycle,of course).

Shane I still have the subframe, I just finally pulled it off my bike tuesday when I sold it. I will send it to you for 200.00 + shipping. I lost your phone# and mailing address so please leave that info for me at and I'll send it off. Take it easy, Erik

So Cal,

We will get you there. Yahoo maps works well or I can guide you in. You will be on I 5 for many hours, make a left at the town of Maxwell and it leads you right in. A good idea is to contact the Ranger Station at 530-963-3508. They can send you some info. They get it out to you quickly, maps etc. Good stuff. As far as camping, Bring everything, not much to eat so bring it in, no lodging to speak of etc. Bring in all you want. Middle of nowhere. You will not be disappointed. We shall keep in touch.


Hey So cal Erik, Still coming to Stoneyford turkey week. We rode on the 29th last sunday and had a great ride. A little rain, a little snow, great sloppy trails (not to sloppy) just a great time. 5 in all and no dust. Hope you can still make the turkey week.


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