Electric Start for a 92 XR600?

I'm sure this question has been out there before, but I just got a XR600 a couple months ago and hear that there are electric start conversion kits out there. Can anyone give me some advise about putting a electric start on this bike. I know there are kits out there for XR400's but can't find any for the XR600. The bike normally kick starts on two to three kicks, but God help you if you lay it down, the bitch hates it and you have to kick until the cows come home to get it started again. My right leg is twice the size of my left. Any advise would be very helpful, I want my legs to be equal size (no I'm not going to kick it with my left leg..) Thanks

just replaced my 91 600r so i knnow exactly what ya mean. If i wasnt racin i'd just ttake off my helmet, turn the gas off, and have a smoke. then the thing would fire up first kick like allways.

It really sucked racing though, dumped it and stalled maybe 6 times in one race and my right leg hurt for a week!!!

Baja designs makes the e kit i think but i dont know about for that bike

Good luck


Well, if you can put XR00 parts on a XR650L, why not the other way around?

The real question will prob. be mounting holes for the starter and if it uses theb same crank.

PS when its flooded after dumping, are you kicking with the throttle full open?


Anyone have any real info on this question? I have the same exact bike and I'm looking for the same thing. Someone has to know if there is an e-start available. The XR 600 is one of the most popular bikes of all time!!! :)

when u drop it and it floods (xr600) turn fuel off open choke fully and as u kick it open throttle fully , and when it starts farting back to life quickly throw in the choke (off) and turn the fuel back on.it shold then fire right up. works every time good luck.


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