extra steel clutch plate help

I just did the upgrade that the Pig Pen recommends. Installed new clutch bushing and added one steel plate at bottom of of the basket placing the rest of the clutch pack back in over the extra plate. Now, because of this, the throw out bearing on the pressure plate has some in / out play. This was taken up by adjusting the cable on the cases. I don't know if this right. I had to basically use all the adjustment at both ends of the cable to get full lever action. And it feels slightlt harder to pull. It feels like the springs are bottoming on themselves when I pull the lever all the way to the bars. Has anyone experieced this? I'm supposed to go riding Sunday so any quick feed back would be appreciated. :naughty:

Pulling out everything down to the basket and going back with 7 fibers and 6 steel is the way to go. Clutch pull is good and only needs to be pulled in slightly to work. Smooth action and no grabby feeling.This set up is recommended for desert bikes but I think it would transfer to tight stuff too.

I added the xtra steel plate, And got the adjustment back at the cable at the case end, I've hade no problems been done for a year now...

It will make a stronger pull at the lever...

Not sure what your getting at, do you have the correct lever free play??

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