Jetting Problems Are History!

I said screw it and just sold the bike. I'm gonna buy a new CRF450X and stick with Honda. I don't what I was thinking switching brands. Even though the X may be a new bike for Honda, I know it'll be light years better than my '05 WR...

JUST KIDDING!!!! :naughty::D:D:D:cry:

Actually, I just figured out why I was still having a low end bog despite having a #40 Leak Jet and a Boyesen Quickshot. It wasn't the Pilot, the PAJ, the Fuel Screw or even my airbox...turns out, it was my Main! Go figure! Here I am pulling my hair out for over a month trying to figure this out, thinking since it was a low end issue, it must be in the Pilot Circuit...WRONG!!! Then it dawned on me :D . When I grab a handful of throttle from idle, I'm going through the pilot circuit so fast that I'm activating my main and bogging out due to a lean condition. My main was a 168, so I bumped it to a 170 to test my theory. Guess what? Not only is my bog virtually gone, my top end just exploded! :naughty: I'm going to try a 172 tomorrow to see what that will do. Not only am I getting incredible throttle response, the bike is running much cooler. Before the switch, my PowerBomb was cherry red almost constantly, and the Q2 muffler got so hot that the glue on the sticker was melting off.

I guess it was just a matter of being so close to the problem that I needed to step back for minute to see the big picture. I hope there are some guys out there that will use this info to their advantage. It was driving me insane and now I have a least a semblance of my sanity back. Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most...SC

Congrats!!! It is stories like this that make me think there is still hope in this world....Just kidding, good job. I'm dealing with the same stuff.

While you are still smiling about it fill out the jetting databse for your set up.



Just my personal opinion but it seems to me that the bike can be made to run fine if you just spend enough time playing around with jetting. I had a real bad stutter problem off idle (lean misfire) and in my case it would not go away until I experimented with richer needles. I often wonder if some of the guys who disconnect the TPS or go to aftermarket ignitions really just need to play with the carb a bit more? :naughty:

I too switched the 168 for a 170 and noticed the power gain in the top end but I still get the mid range sputter. I plan on reading the plug tomorrow and possibly going bigger on the pilot too. I think my trouble may be in the float height adjustment.

SC, and the rest of TT'ers! Thanks, you've answered all my questions, sometimes repeatedly, on my new bike. I needed to read the threads many times to get over my fears of mod'n my new beast, haven't wrenched or ridden regularly in 14 years. Sick bike to get back into the saddle on!

Anywho, New Questions I haven't seen yet!!!

1. Cydr Hd Brthr Hose - Can this be cleaned up, via rerouting it? Seems like there is a much better placement for this?

2. Saw a thread on FAQ about switching from the 4AH battery, over to a 2.5AH, has anyone else done this?

3. Finally, this is mainly to SC, I live/ride same area as you, what is your experience with TPS & Gray Wire issues? Mixed views as these two, some kill both, some keep both, some do a combination one and one? What have you found to be the best for our area? Also, I would love to hear how the jump to 172 Main goes. Should also be interesting to see how jetting issues change with our summer heat.

Keep me posted, please. And thanks to all again, forgot how fun working on bikes is, and how easily they suck $$$ from my pocket. This forum has made a huge difference in getting this work done, I got my bike 8 days ago and found the forum 3 days ago.

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