Clarke 2.8 gal. tank.....SDG seat...03' WR450

I just put a clarke 2.8 gal. tank, and a SDG tall seat on my 03' wr450, and where the seat meets the tank, it doesnt fit very good. :naughty:

anybody else have this problem ?? :naughty:

nope, it might help if i hat a wr450!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need a bike

Anybody ??

yup,you need to take off the black knob on the tank and sand off about 1/16" off the bottom(or more if needed)where it meets the tank,just try to keep it even so it seats correctly :naughty:

Thats a good idea mnt. man , i'll try that . thanx

I have an 02 426 with the Clarke tank and SDG seat and the problem that I had with the fit was that the tank needed some spacing to raise the rear of the tank up because it rubbed on the shock resevior. Another minor complaint is that the seat cover must have been stapled slightly off center because it is not even on both sides neer the front.

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