97 XR600 Engine Upgrade

I have a 97 XR 600 that sucked the choke plate. :D Since then I had the top end redone, piston, rings, valves, springs, the whole 9 yards. I also added a Stage 1 hot cam, changed to stock carb to a new Mikuni flat side 41mm carb, and had the beast jetted. When all was said and done, I picked up just over 5 hp on the dyno! :naughty: I was all teeth for 25.25 miles. Then the engine siezed!! :D After working with a local shop, and tearing the thing apart, the oil filter screen was clogged and wrapped with some weird junk. Well, the top end was starved for oil all the work I just had done is toast. Has anyone ever had this problem, or, I hate to say it, but did the shop screw up and drop something in the top? I didn't even know that screen even existed. Am I being taken? I have this sort of inherent lack of trust when it comes to mechanics, but they came pretty well recommeded. They also have offered to replace everything and put my bike back together for no labor, all I have to do is pay for parts. Any help for a newbie? :naughty:

Can you find out what that gunk was? I had very similar experience with an old CL70. Before I knew better, I cleaned up my whole bottom end using a plain old red shop rag. The newly rebuilt engine ran great until the oil screen became clogged with lint and starved the top end. Oops.

when the choke plate was sucked threw did any piston or rings get broken and fall in to the bottom end

i wouldnt think anything was left in the top end that would cause that the only way to clean that screen is to remove the clutch cover i have never done mine except when i had the cases split

unless while the top end was off trash in general could have gotten in there but most people cram a rag off in the hole till the top goes back on

have you ever found out what it was or do they still have the screen packed with with the crud

if so take it some where else and get another opinion of what the substance is

One would think a mechanic knowing the bike and doing the work would want to make sure the oil system is clean and cover all bases just to make sure things like that don't happen...

That really bites, Keep us informed, Sorry to hear about it though....

Well, here's my update.

I'm staring down another $900 - $1,100 clams! This sucks! All I keep thinking about was those last 25.25 miles! I could hardly see out my helmet with the huge grin I had. I just hope it lasts a lot longer this time!

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