1998 WR 400 Grey Wire Mod

I apologize to all of you for this question. I have searched the archives twice for an answer, and have yet to find it. I realize that there have been tons of posts, but I can't quite get this mod pinned down. I need to locate the grey wire. If you are blue/green challenged, this is a bigger issue than it would appear to be on the surface! I have located two six-wire plugs and one two-wire plug exiting from the CDI. One of the six wire plugs appears to be black, and the other grey. The two wire plug is black. I think the grey wire is part of the two wire connector, but there are several light colored wires in the other plugs. Can someone please confirm?

Thanks for the help!

get some one who isn't colour blind to tell you what one is gray.

then cut it and tape the ends. :naughty:

rgalbraith, I now have my trusty shop manual in hand and the wiring diagram shows only one gray wire in those 3 plugs: in the 2-wire plug. The other wire is black w/ white tracer, so just clip and tape the lighter colored one.

Thanks for confirming my suspicions!


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