Clarke 4.7 Installed on 650L

I just finished installing my new Clarke tank on my L. The fit is perfect. Just put on the rubber mounts and bolt in place! I also bought some graphics to put on it. Should I wait a few days before putting them on? The tank is now full of gas and i was thinking it could prevent bubbling to wait a few days. My graphics are perforated.

Thanks, Martin

Everyone has run 5 or so tanks through it before applying graphx, even with holes. The plastic breathes the vapors for a while I hear. Then your good 2 go.

Can you post a link or pic to the grafx you got, I am getting the same tank soon for my 03 and am looking for nice stix.


would be nice to see how they look after install...hope they look cool :naughty:

Do they sell a locking gas cap for the Clark? I know they sell one for the 5.0 tank

I really dont know about the locking cap

I have the same tank on my L and I love it. Only I wish I would have gotten the red one instead of white :naughty: I wanna get graffix for it but Im affraid they will bubble right away.

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