Interesting Wr!!!

What happened to this bike? :naughty:


I think I like it.

Somebody photoshopped it with a CRF 450X. Why anyone would want to retard a WR with any Honda crap is beyond me. Someone was really bored at work would be my guess. :naughty:

Aluminum frame is coming down the pike pretty soon according to intel. When I don't know.

The honda frame is lush, but surely it would have been easier to photoshop the yamaha head onto the CRF.

2006 YZ's have showed us that the new YZF aluminum frame from Yamaha will be very different than that found on the CRFs and RMZ's, similar to the YZ twostroke line of bikes. This is getting good... I can only imagine what the 06 and 07 WR's will actually look like.. I'll bet nothing like this photoshop 04 WR, but I like the front headlight...

yeah, the 06 yzf's look a lot like that

I like the twin spar frame actually. Looks like it might make it a little crowded to service the engine though.


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