Dust to Glory!!!

Does anyone know where or if it's playing near Greensboro, NC? I have been watching the trailer for over a year now. I've gotta see this soon.

Check on this link and enter the site by cliking on 'enter the site'. http://www.d2gfilm.com/home/

Then wait for the page to load and look at the captioned squares near the bottom of the page. The 2nd one from the left is the theater finder :naughty:

On another note, if you click on 'Ride the Baja', Johnny Campbell will give you a quick blurb about some of the features on his bikes.

Thanks Qadsan!!! 22nd in Raleigh and Chaple Hill!!!

I checked all the theaters in my area and it's not playing anywhere. :naughty: Why is that? Will it be a while before it reaches some theaters or will i have to buy the DVD? I probably will anyway. I really want to see this flic!!!

Too bad I didnt see this post earlier. The Kendall in Cambridge played it. Saw the last viewing tonight. Incredible action shots. :naughty:

Saw it the other night in Denver.

Awsome to say the least.

Its finally playing in here Tucson. For those of you who cant find it check out www.imdb.com you can find out where it is playing in relation to your zip code.

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