KX100 to YZ400F !?

I want a Yamaha or Honda 4 stroke Motocross bike. I have a kx100 right now and it's getting too small and slow. I was thinking of a 250f but that's 125cc class and I dont want to get used to the power and want something more in a few months. It sounds crazy to me, but is a jump from a KX100 to a 400F a Huge jump, or is it doable?

its doable if you have the skills. if you have only been riding for a few months you might want to think about an intermediate step

That's a big jump. :naughty:

i would do it if i were you...

i purchased my first bike last summer... 04 YZ450

rode bikes a little but i think it would be better to learn with a more powerful bike... at least it was for me

well good luck and hopefully ya find somethin ya like and can handle!

Go for it! i had a new kx100 for like 2 yrs, and i got too big for it, and went to a 125. not a big difference to me. so i say go bigger to the 400 ( which i have now)

I went from a xr200r (about 13-14 hp) to a yz400f.. the 200 was less powerful than your kx100 and i couldn't be happier

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