Can i make a 2001 WR 426 street legal in Ca?

I would like to buy a 2001 WR 426 and make it street legal as a commuter bike.

Get a light kit, DOT knobbies, you know...

I have called around to different shops and dealers and so far about 60% say it can be done, 40% say it cant. I have tried to contact the DMV, but if you live in Ca, you know how that goes....

Is there anyone out there that has, or has not been able to legalize a 2001 in Ca?

I have heard the '99 was a sure thing to legalize, and you cant pass with a 2000.

I would like to talk to someone with firsthand experience on this and hear what they went though.

I dont want to drop the cash on a bike that i will not use.

Thanks fellas.

Feel free to e-mail me at

Check the 8th vin no# if it is a C or 3 forget it.Buy a Canada there bikes come with W in the 8th vin# then it's a pice of cake.


Tell me you're kidding about using the bike as a commuter....

Buy something with the e-button if you really want a commuter. Your foot & your butt will thank you.


And there's no key, and it's easy to steal.

The 2001's aren't out yet, so no one truly has acoomplished this yet.

Seriously doubt you can do it unless you get the Canadian version mentioned earlier. Sacramento wised up to the tricks, and closed the "loopholes" on us. They just don't want dirt bikes and are willing to pass whatever legislation makes our life difficult. Unless current law changes, or the bikes are designed to pass emissions regs, no dice.

Hello, pumpkin0871.

I have no idea about legalizing(?) anything in Ca, but I have a couple of commets of WR as a commuting bike.

I bought my new 99 WR at the end of june this year. I have now ridden about 9000 km (~5600 miles) and started to think trade it to KTM LC4 640 E or something like that. For two reasons: it's too slow and it's impractical. Even with longer secondary transmission ratio (15/48) comfortable continuous riding speed is about 50-55 mph. That's too slow for long distances on nice long gravel roads, I'd prefer 75.

Impractical. I'm not sure wheter it is correct word but what I mean is that all things that I wanna take with me have to be carried in a back bag. For a weekend trip one might need a tent, a sleeping bag, other clothing and so on and that's a lot to be carried in a back bag. I've tried to tie some of those things on the rear mud guard but that makes the bike feel heavy. Longer trips are out of the question:

Short maintenance intervals are also a problem. During summer I got about 2500 miles per month at best (or worst)and kept buying new rear tyres continuously. I tried to avoid asphalt as much as possible but sometimes asphalt is inevitable and MX tires don't stand a lot of it.

Licence plate is very convenient. Truck or trailer is not required when one wants to ride to some place close. But I wouldn't recommend it as an only bike if you want to ride 50% or more on different kinds of roads and the rest in terrain. After all it's a race bike. You don't see a lot of YZR500's outside tracks.

Bikes in Finland are very expensive. 00 WR about $9900 and I can't afford two or more rather new bikes, so I have to make compromises.


P.S. I had ignition lock from a DT fitted before I bought the bike.

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