Ok, it's going to be the XR650R

This basically starts where I left off on a post in the CRF450R/X forum. (they said go with the XR, good guys there)

I've decided on giving my 1200GS a stable mate, and it will be the XR650R.

Here's what I need to know though;

- What is the lightest & most quiet aftermarket exhaust I can put on an uncorked XR? (expensive titanium not counted out)

- Besides the uncorking, and the exhaust is there anything else that is a must do? (street legal dual sport, 60/40 trail/street)

The priorities for me are making it light and not sacrificing dependability.


Oh, and I forgot to say a larger fuel tank will done in the first wave of mods as well.

1. Suspension

2 Full Exhaust (I have an FMF PowerCore)

3. Foot peg modification and better pegs

4. Replace the radiator cap and thermostat

5. Steering stabilizer

6. Better handlebars (CR HIGH works well) and triple clamp

7. Remove the screen in the air box and use a better air filter

8. Wrap-around radiator guards (replacements are expensive)

9. Hand Guards (I like the new Acerbis Multiplo)

That should take care of 2000+ dollars of your hard-earned money. Look at the bright side, be glad it ain't a Harley, they need lot's more chrome.

#1 - suspension - are you saying the stock forks & rear are crap and need replaced or everything just needs dialed in?

#3 - I heard that the pegs were smallish. What other mod are you referring to, besides replacing the stockers?

#4 - what's the issue with the cap and thermo? Are you referring to the issues that are brought about by uncorking it?

Remove the rear steel subframe and inner mudguard/light unit. That saves weight and if you use the light unit built into the rear fender it is not necessary.

Loads you can do, consider keeping the stock exhaust with the HRC tip as it is considered as being very good, no megga gains to be had apart from the weight saving.


Big tank....yahoo!!! :naughty:


You can get an extra 25% fuel capacity simply by modifying the standard tank to accept a second tap ala Husaberg.

Honda has the same problem as Husaberg: an extra large main frame tube and fuel transfer from the lower LHS to the right hand tap side does not occur when the level gets low. When they run out you still have 2.5 ltrs sloshing around in the LHS.

You have to virtually tip the bike upside down to transfer last bit into tap side of tank.

I spent 30 mins on a lathe and used an old XL500 tap to modify mine.

Notified Honda about major design flaw, said they would investigate.

That was in 2000. Still the same in 2005 I presume?

You could of course just buy one of these.......and it comes in black with all the trick cycle parts in existence...oh ....if only I had the money.... :naughty: Check the swinging arm and the front disc...ah...heaven...!!!


I'm using the FMF Q, Not loud, Great tone.........

Get the suspension sprung for your weight......

You'll figure more out as you ride it............... :naughty:

Enjoy riding the BRP......Its a great ride......... :naughty:

I would go with Moriwaki exhaust(if sound is not an issue), bigger tank, Edelbrock carb, foot peg fix by Kritter here on TT www.animalhousedesigns.net and get the suspension set up for you.

Big tank....yahoo!!! :D


Who makes this tank? :naughty:

Dohh! just made out the Acebris sticker :naughty:

You can even buy an Acerbis seat tank combo with works in conjunction with this tank if you want even more capacity.

ok, thanks everyone for your replies. I'll post some pics once I get it and mod it.

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