Need someone with access to a XR650R and with a tape measure...

I've done with my current project and it's time to start something new...

I've been playing with the idea of building a Supermoto, something different!

Right now I am considering starting with a XR650R, slapping an inverted fork (CR), big brakes, 17 wheelsand ... a singled sided swingarm from a 650NT or VFR!

Why? Why not!

So... Before I sink the $ into getting the bike and the parts, I need to do a little bit of feasibility. The front end seems like a no brainer from what I'lve read on various forums, but I wasn't able to find any single sided rear end conversion.

It either means.. 1) it can't be done, 2) nobody ever thought about it before, or 3) it's really useless / stupid!

Hoping it's because of #2, I would need someone with access to a BRP to take a few measurements for me (doesn't need to be ultra precise...). I am looking for the following (see enclosed pictures). Hopefully this can be done without taking the bike apart :-)

Thansk for the help.


BTW, here is a photo of what the finished project might look like


I have tried to measure the swinging arm for you but without some more precise measuring gear I can't get you accurate measurements. I can tell you that the length of the swingarm from centre to centre is 21.5" or 550mm, that's your Red length measurement. I can't get accurate other measurements sorry.

Piccy of my bike (correct except I have removed the Black fork gaitors)ℑ=560_IMG_0003.JPG

Hope this helps a little


Here ya go, from the spare swingarm I'm using to check dims for my own XR650R SM creation (now 90% complete with F4i front end and an F2/F3 rear wheel):

"Outside": 200mm

"Inside": 100mm

Gotta love how Honda's engineers design many of their parts so the dims are even numbers!!

BTW- if you need any other dims or any advice (I've learned a lot the hard way!!) feel free to ask. :naughty:

I have a Hawk GT (NT650) and an XR650R. E-mail me if you need any specific measurements.

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