Smoky on startup Xr6

Hi Everybody,

My '92 xr6 that has only done about 20k has just started smoking quite heavily on startup and eventually clears more or less. It happened all of a sudden...

I'm thinking stem seals or rings at fault. Is there anything that these engines are prone to? Is there anything obvious that i've missed?


if it smokes only at the start up and not while riding its just seals if it keeps on smoking while riding then i would say rings

just kee an eye on the oil level especially if you ride it mx style

Probly valve stem seals................

Fair enough if its seals.

I can run it (keeping an eye on the oil level) for the time being then...?


I just went through the same problem.So we did a valve job and replaced the seals ,But only did a visual on the cylinder(didn't take apart).Wish I had now we are taking the whole thing apart to check the piston,rings and cylinder.Live and learn might get it back running before we hit 100+ temperatures

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