Lowering the engine??

Did you guys see the new MXA? They have a decent article on heath Voss's YZF. They claim the engine has been lowered/rotated to drop the center of gravity.

How soon until one of us tries this? I doubt the job would be too difficult. I believe you could make new motor mounts and accomplish this.

I think you would have to rock the engine forward a little(he did). Isn't it true that the relationship of the drive sprocket to the upper and lower chain rollers is important? I'd love to do it. I bet he (Voss) has less oil (the oil tank is high) and I know his radiators are lowered. That article made me want to ride. I hope someone leads the way. I worry a little that the new '06 YZ450 will get its weight lower, folks will trade in and forget the current 426/450s. I hope they don't go full double cradle (Honda,Suzuki) because maintenance is hatefull. Two wheel drive is coming soon as well. When that hits, trade in value will plummet. Ouch. I'll do some research.

I got my issue of MXA yesterday. Very good article, I wanted to go ride also after reading it. Yeah I would think that an aftermarket company would come out with some "modded" motor mounts that would lower and rotate the engine. Just release Voss's bike for the '06 model..

I think you would have to rock the engine forward a little(he did). Isn't it true that the relationship of the drive sprocket to the upper and lower chain rollers is important?
Yes, the front sprocket needs to be as close to the swing arm pivot as possible, and is best kept lined up with the pivot and the rear axle when the rear suspension is at mid travel.
I hope they don't go full double cradle (Honda,Suzuki) because maintenance is hatefull.
Seen this?


I am going to bet that within two weeks someone is going to improve on the factory yamaha way of lowering an engine. I have faith in this group.

I find myself recommending YZF's to new riders just so they can participate in this forum. I dont know of another motorcycle forum with as much knowledge as you guys have.

Thanks for the point out of the new Yammer frame. It looks nice. The backbone spars are really thin, like steel spars. Do we know the approximate release date?

Anyone know of aftermarket lowering mounts for the 426/450 engine? I'm curious how far things like the engine and radiator can be lowered without risking greater damage. My riding area is ROUGH. (I might be a little schitso as a rider as well)

Scotty, I wonder how much the engine needs to be lowered to mak ea difference??

It wouldn't be as simple as buying and bolting on parts. The front mount, of course could be a fabricated part, but the lower is a tab welded to the frame that bolts directly to the hard point on the engine. Something would need cutting and welding there. Then, the rear pretty much has to stay where it is, since it's part of the spacing for the swing arm pivot. As it rocked forward, the chain clearance on the top of the swing arm would be reduced, but you could make up for some of that by going to a 15 tooth front sprocket and adding three teeth at the rear to keep the gearing the same.

Could be done, though. The best way is for Yamaha to redo the cases with the countershaft in a higher position relative to everything else.

i compared the 'lowered' one with the stock, visually, it doesnt seem like they accomplished too much, a minor noticeable change to the naked eye. you have to wonder exactly how much of a benefit you reap after all the work.

part of this mod is dropping the radiators about an inch also -

I'm not sure they got an inch out of it. Comparing photographs is difficult, but looking at what's in the article, and looking at the front motor mount, it looks a little different than mine, but not much. Same with the position of the radiators relative to the junction of the cradle tubes to the tank/downtube section. Unless... They extended the oil tank section downward and pulled the engine cradle down to match. ??

but but but....you guys said the 450F isn't top heavy :naughty:

I did?

I'm sorry.

Please forgive me mister two-stroke spy guy. :D:naughty::D:naughty:

It seems like the tab weld could be defeated by a big guy with a hammer. Could it be an issue of an angle, not a an altitude loss? The front mount would take 5 minutes to do. How much would make it worth it? I don't know. 400/426 guys-Our cylinder head is taller (7mm according to 513-who hasn't given me any hair loss or tax solutions I might add) and heavier. If you go wet sump, aluminum muffler, lose an inch up front with a new motor mount and massage the rear mount for angle only, I bet you'd feel it. Worth the effort-hard to say. I like taking things apart. I really hate to lower the radiators because it's tough to protect them in a crash and I personally don't find my 426 real top heavy. It takes me just a whisker more effort but nothing worth talking about. Same for the wet sump, that extra oil in the tank might save you a grand under some circumstances. For that matter, I don't find the YZ throttle abrupt-but then if I don't want it to get angry, I don't give more than 1/2 throttle. $0. I hope one day I'm good enough to deserve the bike as-is. Want another cheap solution? Drop the forks in the clamps 10mm and lower the rear shock pre-load slightly. I can't-too tall-but I have a bud who has. For trail riding, he doesn't need all the YZs travel anyway. Don't go so far as to risk bottoming the shock stroke, but there is a little room. I ride trails, not MX so no worries. I'm chewing this (motor mounts) over for a possible attempt. Cost-effort-reward calculations are ongoing. Easiest way for me to get less top heavy-eat carrots instead of Cafe Mochas and go dirt biking at any available time.

would it even be worth it to the average rider?how about somebody coming up with a aftermarket titanium frame kit for the yzf for like $100 and we could lose some pounds

You left a zero off your titanium frame dollar figure. Nice thought though. They would sell every one.

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