Compression on 650L

Does anyone know what the stock compression psi should be for a 01 xr650L.

I read somewhere about doing a "dry test"/wet test" and if the compression on the dry test was low, and a couple of squirts in the cylinder increased the psi results, that the rings were probably bad. Does anyone know the proper procedure?

Also, what about putting 100 psi shop air into the cylinder and checking the intake and exhaust for leaks. Is this the procedure for checking for leaking valves??

Any other info would be helpful.

BTW, one of my buddies owns a DRZ 400S, what do you guys think of those bikes???



How about just sending me a link to where some info might be???


These questions can be answered in the XR650L Shop Manual. In my case. it is downstaris in the garage where it is cold. I'll cleck on Monday afternoon and get back to you.. I gotta go to bed now because I have to be up in four hours for work :naughty:

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