And in this corner weighing in at....

The WR weight is not comparable to the CRF, since they are completely different applications. Where is the CRF's wide ratio trans, or the lighting coil, or the light, or kick stand, or ...... Get the point, we don't have a offroad version of the CRF to compare to.

Now is the CRF really 233 lbs. I would guess Honda lied when they put together the specs. Maybe Yamaha did the same, so we compare the YZ weight to the CRF and there is ~15 lbs difference. Does that mean Honda is better, maybe but I would guess the 2003 YZ will have more to say about that.

Yamaha has always use a 3 year plan to release new models (YZ426: 00, 01, 02) so what does 2003 hold I'm betting you will see a whole new product. :)

Michael, if you sell your WR, sell me your Ti subframe, shock and bolts :)

It is possible to drop 10+ pounds on the WR by switching to YZ plastic, DSP carbon Airbox, Ti Subframe, Ti Shock spring, and assorted Ti Fastners. Costs about $1500 - I'm not sure it is worth the price @ $150/pound. I sat on the CRF last week, it reminded me of the time I switched to a 83 CR250 from an older IT465. Feels like you're riding a montain bike! Wonder how my blue moose leathers would look on a red bike??

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