Since I'm new to the 650r...........I've been hearing about problems with the stock thermostat. I have replaced the cap to a 1.8 but am wondering what's up with the stock theromstat? Should I replace it with an aftermarket or leave it out altogether?

I've been reading the past treads and have learned a ton of information. Thanks for a great site.

It's up to you. Some say you should run it, some say to toss it. If the thermostat wasn't prone to sticking open all the time, then it would better regulate the flow to insure good heat transfer, but just about every original 650r thermostat I've seen sticks open. I live in a warmer climate and do not use the thermostats in my bikes, but I also don't run the stock coolant. I'd probably be more inclined to use a thermostat if I lived in a colder climate, but I've closely monitored my coolant and oil temps a while back and I'm comfortable with my setup. Autozone sells a thermostat made by Motorad that fits in the 650r and it's not prone to sticking open like the stocker. It's 1 180F thermostat for $4.99 and if you want to check one out, just ask the Autozone guys to get you a part number '457-180' thermostat so you can see it first hand.

im in so cal so im usually running in the warmer weather. ill check out autozone....thank you

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