Oil return problem

I have a yz426, when I bought it it had DR.D wet sump conversion kit in it.I have the motor in a quad frame and converted it back to a dry sump.I put the stock plate back in the oil pump and ran the lines to the 400ex oil tank that I put on the quad. The oil is getting into the motor but does not want to return to the tank. I thought that the plate on the oil pump was the only internal mod that you had to do,does anyone know if that is the only thing in the motor that you have to change back? Anyone with any idea or anything else that could help me out would be a great help. Thanks, Matt

Dubach Racing has always been responsive and helpful to me on any question I've had. Go to: http://www.dubachracing.com/ and click contact us.

I've never had or wanted a wet sump kit, so I don't know what exactly gets changed. But check with Dr.D.

you have another pump plus the plate have dubach fax you the instructions

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