BRP stalling on downhills + chain tensioner woes....

G'day mates',

Firstly, whilst doing a rather nasty rocky track the other day (which scarred my tank and guards for life) i noticed that when i have the bike pointing up or down on a largish-hill it will stall. Can't be too large as the other bikes weren't stalling, nor did the 82 DR250 i rode on that track last stall so much - i was thinking float level? it's running 175, and a 68s, needle clip in middle from memory, stock carby, stock exhaust with custom tip, stock air filter with side plate mod.

Secondly, i went from 14 tooth to 13 on the front, when i did this the tensioner bolts felt a bit stiff, so when i went back from 13 to 14, one of the bolts promptly snapped, and the other is stiff and not willing to play the game. Anyone ever had this prob? how long is the tensioner bolt? mines snapped off about 20mm in my hand, the rest in the swingarm. I've currently drilled the bolt out in the centre, just have to work it out of there - and prob end up re-drilling and tapping an over-size thread and make my own bolts.

Any ideas on my probs?

Mine had the same stalling problem until if adjusted the float level a bit lower by just a couple of milimeters. It also might help to turn up your idle speed just a bit when you are doing that kind of riding to prevent an easy stall situation. Better yet do like most everyone here as done including myself and give 400 bucks to Edelbrock and eliminate the problem for good :naughty:

Sounds like you almost have the bolt out, I'd recomend putting a heli coil insert in the hole if the threads are messed up, and coat the new bolt with neversieze, and on the other bolt.....

You need to lower your float level down about 2 mm..or

I'll be installing a Edelbrock this wed.on my BRP........ :naughty::naughty:

I'll be installing a Edelbrock this wed.on my BRP........ :naughty::naughty:

Pass the popcorn.

I expect a full report with pics. :D

Sorry for the hijack.

I planned on it............... :naughty:

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