Got it dirty

I bought my 2002 R nearly 3 months ago. I spent the time getting it street legal here in California, added an edelbrock, an HRC tip, opened the airbox, new no-toil and tightened and greased everything that this group has suggested. Today it (finally) saw the dirt.

I rode it nearly an hour out to Carnegie (long freeway ride)and had the most fun I can remember having in years. I have to get a hitch carrier for my SUV because the trips to local riding areas are just to far. The freeway is not much fun.I'm sure I'll find one here or on ebay.

It has been nearly 20 years since I have been off-road on a motorcycle, I sold my XR500 in the mid 80's. I have owned a number of sport bikes since then, I even did a few seasons of AFM, but we all know it's very different off road.

I went alone because I was afraid of completely embarassing myself. After this long I was'nt sure if I still remembered how to ride. After about an hour it started coming back to me, and I was grinning from ear to ear!

Thanks to all of you for yours posts and answers to my questions, this forum has been great to this newbie.


Awesome, great post...would you care to share how you reg'd yours for the street? I have an idea how I am going to do mine if I buy a new one but would love to hear your story...

I bought it from a guy that started the process prior to the deadline. I paid a little extra but it made it alot easier. For more information on how, go to Joe can help you get it done. He was very helpful to me.

Glad to hear you had fun on your BRP........... :naughty:

Hows your cheek muscles from all the grinnin.. :naughty::D

Sounds great. I too recently started riding off-road again after 20+ years riding street bikes. I grew up riding dirt-bikes, but I hadn't been off-road since I got my license at 16. I can't believe I waited this long! I can definitely say that I'm having much more fun off-road than I ever had on the streets.


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